Taking care of your personal hygiene is important. It not just keeps us healthy, it also fulfills our responsibility of caring for our partner’s sexual health. Also it makes us more attractive and desirable to the other sex. Genital hygiene or sexual hygiene is an important matter that is often avoided and missed. But it’s utmost important to understand the basics of keeping our genitals/sexual organs clean and healthy.

“What to do to your pubic hair?”, is a question that’s not often thought of. Pubic hair is considered dirty, and shaving it off is considered sexy and clean. But it might be far from the truth. Though there is no harm in shaving it off directly, but actually pubic hair saves you from a lot of infections. Especially in women. Most of the women usually suffer from yeast infection. The white yeast like discharge from the vagina comes on to the panty and touches the surrounding skin of the genitals, which might lead to further infection. Even during menstruation, the blood and the sanitary pad directly touch the gentle skin of your genitals, which could lead to some sort of infection to your skin due to the continuous exposure to moisture.

How to remove pubic hair?

Removing pubic hair for women is quite easy. The easiest way of course is to trim. It’s actually sexier for some men than a completely clean vagina. Trim your hair a bit for that natural look that won’t disturb your partner and it would be easy for you to manage it on a regular basis. Shaving is a good option too, for those who prefer the clean look. But the only problem with shaving it on a regular basis is that if you miss even two days in a go, it pricks the surrounded skin like hell, making you itchy and uncomfortable. With men, choosing between shaving and trimming is a little difficult, ’cause none is easy.


Waxing is also an option, but considering that fact that genitalia is a sensitive region, and it might be too painful and dangerous to get it waxed. So make your choice carefully. The very popular option to waxing is using the hair removal creams. In case you are using hair-removing creams, be very sure of the brand that you are using. Otherwise it’s safe and completely painless. You can also go in for depilators, which are a relatively painful of the options mentioned till now.

While all of these are temporary solutions to getting rid of pubic hair, one can also go in for the popular permanent hair removal options, like electrolysis and laser hair removal. However most of the professionals refuse for treating the pubic region for permanent hair removal due to the sensitivities attached with the area.


It is important to wash your genitalia well, everyday in the bathroom. You can also try using the anti bacterial vaginal and pubic washes available at the chemist.

During periods – For women, managing personal hygiene during their menstruation days is extremely important, as it is during these days that women are more prone to catching infections. So make sure you bathe regularly, change your pads/tampons, roughly, after every four to eight hours span. Bathe well so that you do not stink. Women usually exude a typical smell during menstruation. To avoid it, be regular with your baths, and using a bit of body sprays might come handy in such times. Also during your periods, you can wash and clean your vagina well, whenever you go to the washroom. It is a healthy practice to wash away the blood that sticks to the surrounding skin. Such blood is not just dirty, but also unhygienic and unhealthy.

Wash your vagina with clean water

Keep yourself clean. It’s the first and foremost step towards a looking attractive and maintaining a healthy sexual life. Be neat, clean and tidy and see how the natural scent of your body pulls your partner to you.

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